Le Café Music Podcast #1

Welcome to Le Café Music Podcast episode #1: French Words Are Difficult.

As I take off to move to France in one week, the title of this show and our first song is…fitting, really.

The show is already taking off, and I can thank the amazing artists that are featured for that!

The Music Podcast FOR indie artists, BY indie artists!

I’m not going to make this a long-ass post, but here is the Spotify link:

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Giohm – https://linktr.ee/Giohm

Lara de Belder – https://linktr.ee/lara_debelder

KC Beck – https://songwhip.com/kc-beck

Tony Romaine – https://spoti.fi/36mg4EJ

Jank Setup – https://linktr.ee/janksetup

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If you are interested in having your music featured on Le Café Music and you are willing to sign a straight to the point legal document stating that you own the copyright and we have your permission to use the work on our show, shoot us an email at lecafemusicblog@gmail.com and feel free to check out what started as a blog on www.lecafemusicblog.com

Le Café Music Podcast is a part of the always-growing Idiotville Productions, including great shows like Trash Sports Takes, Charleston In Charge, Wrestling With History, and the mothership, Erie, PA’s Number One Podcast, Idiotville.

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