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Le Cafe Music Podcast #6: Loops & Loops & Patrick Tabaks

Advertisements Welcome to Le Cafe Music Podcast, episode 6! Featuring new music by Loops & Loops and Patrick Tabaks. Loops & Loops – doubtsNew Yorker, Pete Bogolub, also known as Loops & Loops, got crazy productive during the pandemic…unlike some of us. Loops & Loops began as a side project during quarantine, mostly experimenting with … Continue reading Le Cafe Music Podcast #6: Loops & Loops & Patrick Tabaks

Episode #5: ThBenj & CassMae

Advertisements The indie music podcast FOR indie artists, BY indie artists! Featuring new tracks from ThBenj and CassMae ThBenj – Slip In Th MudBreaking All Th Rules on Spotify CassMae – You Don’t Deserve MeCassMae InterviewCassMae on Spotify You can catch us on Twitter: @lecafemusicpod  @ryanlouisTST and @shaggy0077  Enjoy Le Café Music? Check out our … Continue reading Episode #5: ThBenj & CassMae