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Le Café Music Podcast #1

Welcome to Le Café Music Podcast episode #1: French Words Are Difficult. As I take off to move to France in one week, the title of this show and our first song is…fitting, really. The show is already taking off, and I can thank the amazing artists that are featured for that! The Music Podcast … Continue reading Le Café Music Podcast #1

Podcast Update: Indie Artists ONLY!

That’s right. I will be pulling my podcast from Anchor.FM and Spotify for their absolutely horrible format and posting rules. I will no longer be playing commercial music. Goodbye Ariana. Goodbye Post Malone. Hello, artist who is struggling to pay their bills and just need to get their music heard! Attention Indie Artists! If you … Continue reading Podcast Update: Indie Artists ONLY!

Le Café Music Podcast!

Big news, everyone! We are joining Anchor FM and Spotify to bring you Le Café Music Podcast! As soon as we post on Spotify, we will let you know. We’ll post every episode right here. Until then, follow @liamcainmusic on Stationhead and listen to our live radio show! Our intro show will be live today … Continue reading Le Café Music Podcast!