New Orleans Allows Indoor Live Music Events

As announced by New Orleans officials yesterday, indoor live music is officially allowed to return in the Big Easy starting Friday.

There will obviously be some strict guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

No Dancing

No dancing allowed. Understandably so. It’s difficult to keep people 6 ft apart on a crowded dance floor. Makes sense.

Masks are still mandatory, along with proper ventilation, social distancing, and where the trumpet player can and can not empty their spit valve. All musicians must be 6 ft (1.8 meters) apart on stage and wear a mask while not playing their instruments. Bars will only allow 75 people inside, as well.


COVID has shut down the live music scene in the US and most other countries for nearly an entire year. New Orleans was one of the early hotspots in the country and has been dealing with on-and-off closures, making it difficult for bar owners and other small businesses to pay their rent.

Musicians have been out of work. Personally, I was performing with my band in Thailand, which was the first country outside of China to report cases. I, along with many others in the industry, was stranded in a different country with no source of income.

Musicians are hungry to get back to work. I know I am. I know many of our readers are as well.


The question has to be asked…

Is it too soon?

We’re not out of the woods with this virus yet. Do you think we should hold off until Summer and let more people get vaccinated? Should we say “f*ck it” so small businesses and musicians can get back to work right away?

I’m on the fence because I am a musician and I support small businesses. I’ve also felt the effects of this virus. It’s honestly no joke.

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments!

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