Happy Weekend! It’s New Music Friday!

Hey everyone! Happy weekend. It’s time to roll out the newest tracks for the week…some good. Some not so good. Let’s go!

Post Malone – I Only Wanna Be With You

Yeah, that I Only Wanna Be With You.

Honestly, I like Post Malone…but this ain’t it, man. The song was chosen for the Pokemon 25th Anniversary event…which…doesn’t even make sense.

It just sounds like a cheap cover band version of Hootie and the Blowfish. The added Pokemon sounds in the music don’t help.

They really missed the opportunity to call it I Only Wanna Be With Mew. Shame.

Leon Bridges & Keite Young – Like A Ship

We started with a really unfortunate cover of a popular song above. This cover is much better.

THIS is music.

Leon Bridges and Keite Young team up on the cover of Pastor T.L. Barrett‘s gospel song, Like A Ship for Truth To Power Project’s Soundtrack To Empowerment.

The Truth to Power Project’s Website states “The Truth to Power Project is a creative endeavor working to engage people with inspiring new music and multimedia content to encourage community involvement. Let’s bring truth to the light so that we can heal, grow, and prosper together.”

They also state “A percentage of the revenue generated from this project will support the next generation of emerging musicians through the Music Forward Foundation. This national nonprofit organization is dedicated to transforming young lives, inspiring careers, and championing a more inclusive music industry.

I love the message. This country really does need to heal, grow, and prosper TOGETHER.

Here is Like A Ship.

I searched for pleasure (I searched for pleasure)
But I found pain (But I found pain)
I look for sunshine (I look for sunshine)
Yes I did, but I found rain (But I found rain)

The Offspring – Let The Bad Times Roll

After a 9-year hiatus, The Offspring is back.

Their last album, Days Go By was released in 2012, and I know I have been waiting for new music from the band. We finally get it today with a teaser from the new album, Let The Bad Times Roll, which will be released April 16.

The new track has that old school alt rock sound that made The Offspring famous. Let The Bad Times Roll is about the current state of America…which sucks. The song does not suck. Check it out.

Take what’s right and make it wrong
Make it up as I go along
Let me know when you decide
Apathy or suicide
Oh baby let the bad times roll

Green Day – Here Comes The Shock

More like Here Comes The Suck.

We are in year 2 of the punk band’s 2 year partnership with the NHL, in which Green Day songs are played during NHL games. The band has released songs that have been introduced during games, and they are at it again.

They introduced their new track, Here Comes The Shock as part of the National Hockey League’s Lake Tahoe outdoors game last Saturday.

As an unapologetic Green Day fan, I absolutely hate this song. The lyrics are nonsense. The band behind Billie Jo Armstrong sounds great, musically, but this is honestly just a trash sports anthem and I hope I never hear it again. You’re so much better than this, guys.

Bebop a lula baby
Annie get your gun
We’re gonna shoot it baby gonna do some damage and some damage will be done


Tio – Check Point

To end the week, I’m going to give you a new release from the label I work with, Estabrook Road Records.

This is up-and-coming hip hop artist, Tio with Check Point. Be ready for more releases from ERR in the next couple of months!


That’s gonna do it for this week’s New Music Friday. Overall, not a great week for new music. Post Malone and Green Day hurt me with these releases.

For more new releases, check out Spotify’s weekly New Music Friday playlist right here:

Happy weekend, everyone!

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